About Us

Established in 1995 by John O'Sullivan, "Digital Video Productions" is a family operated business located just minutes from Headford, Co. Galway, Ireland. DVP prides itself in its unobtrusive approach to Wedding Videography. We concentrate on one wedding per day, never compromising quality for quantity. Your wedding is happening in real time so the videographer's job is to capture the events of your wedding as they unfold naturally.

We take a very simple approach to filming and editing your video. Digital Video Productions can take your project from concept to completion. Together, you and I can create a final project that will meet your expectations and surpass the boundaries of your imagination. DVP also provides many other superb quality services to meet your video needs. Such as transfer of photos or videotape to DVD, Video File and American conversions, as well as corporate training videos, business promotional videos, and video & DVD duplication.

Audio Systems

We use wireless Radio microphone systems. This brings our cameras perfect sound, capturing forever those all-important words you waited so long to say.

Video Lighting

We capture in broadcast quality digital format cameras that are superb in low light. We do not use bright lights as we feel they are too intrusive on your wedding guests. Our wedding videos deliver the clearest picture quality. You must see the quality of our product to fully appreciate it.

Computer Editing & Production

We have invested several thousand Euro in our Avid editing systems. All sorts of extra little touches are possible for your video. Professional introductory titles give polish to a fine piece of video work. When the names of family and friends scroll up on the screen in their guises of best man, groomsmen, bridesmaids and flower girls, a hush of expectation falls upon the room as in a cinema before the premiere of the movie of the year.

If you have a favourite tune, say the one that was played the night you met or some other song with special meaning for you both, it can be arranged to put this on the soundtrack at an appropriate moment. If you wish, a montage of the best moments can be added to give the perfect finishing touch.

DVP Digital Video Productions Villa Maria, Ower, Headford, Co. Galway t: 093 35847 m: 087/2470112 e: john@dvp.ie
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