Wedding Day

A wedding video is far more than the church ceremony. For example shots taken at the bride’s home shortly before the wedding give the groom a glimpse of what his beloved was up to while he paced around nervously up and down outside the church, in the time honoured tradition of all grooms.

Here sits the bride, in close conversation with her mother, while the younger members of the family, all dressed up in their finery, are nearly bursting with excitement and the bride’s father winces as he struggles to do up the collar of his shirt.

There will be so many moments like these for you to treasure, from the very start until the end of the evening when you pass together down the archway formed by your cheering well-wishers and out to the car waiting to bear you away on the honeymoon. Your video will capture these for you.

Having a video made of your wedding is about holding the dream. A truly professional production is a joy to behold. The picture is crystal clear and the sound quality superb. When the true video professional is at work he is so unobtrusive that you will often forget that he is there. Only later, when you see the ring being slipped on your finger or feel again the closeness of your first dance, will you realise his presence. You will know the professional by the quality of their work, demonstrated before you book and by the way they make sure to find out what you want and to do their best to satisfy your requirements.

Booking Your Video:

  • Book your video at least 1 year in advance.
  • You can View samples of previous work, noting clarity of picture, sound, etc. at our Studio.
  • During our consultation with you, we will outline your specific wedding procedures. We discuss all the important events of your wedding to make sure that they won't be left out of your wedding video. To ensure best possible production, we arrive 1 hour prior to the ceremony.
  • Confirm special requirements regarding music choice, Childhood Photographs etc. other requirements.
  • Confirm ceremony and reception venue details, the itinerary for the day and relevant contact names and phone numbers.
  • Notify the Church and reception that a video is being made.
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